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Mathew V3 31 /75lbs


Mathew V3 31 /75lbs


Mathews Bows – Mathews compound bows

Mathews compound bows for sale
new Mathews bows
used Mathews bows

mathews bows for sale

Available in Right or Left handed options


  • Axle-to-Axle: 31″
  • Brace Height: 6″
  • Speed: 342 fps
  • Let-Off: 80% or 85%
  • Draw Length: 26″-30.5″
  • Draw Weight:75 lbs.
  • Mass Weight: 4.5 lbs

Mathews compound bows are truly field-proven and put through their paces in many hunting environments to deliver reliable long-range performance year after year. Whether you’re hunting whitetails or taking target shooting competitions, shooting a Mathews compound bow ensures that you’ll get enhanced accuracy and increased ergonomics. When it comes to choosing the right bow, there are many options from which to choose. From traditional bows to more modern styles, you can find just the right bow to suit your needs.

One of the most popular brands among serious archers is Mathews. If you’re currently browsing through a huge range of bows, it might be a good idea to invest in a new bow to replace your current one. If you’re just beginning your shooting career or simply like to shoot occasionally, then a less expensive bow will give you enough flexibility to increase your skills as you progress. With the ever-changing dynamics of bowhunting, it pays to be prepared so that your shot will be accurate and rewarding.

The company that made its name developing and manufacturing bows for the recreational hunter has continued to craft precision-crafted bows using the finest materials. The company still uses traditional materials like rawhide and lambskin but has improved on the design and feel of their new line of bows – especially the new Mathews Triax model.

Mathews bows for sale have the following features

  • Silent connected system
  • Bridged riser
  • Centerguard cable
  • peak draw weight
  • Optimal Cam timing
  • Cam system
  • Stabilizer bushing
  • 3d damping

The Mathews Triax is built on a 28 axle system that provides a smooth draw and great stability even during moderate wind conditions. A larger drop-away bight secures the front of the bow and a removable grip allows hunters to customize the weight distribution and length of their choice.

Although Mathews offers much quality hunting bow and sporting equipment, they are particularly renowned for their Whitetail bows and all of their Accusharp and bows. Whitetail is one of the most popular and successful archery disciplines in the world, and Mathews designs are some of the most highly sought after.

Whitetails typically prey on small animals, so precision engineering in their bows and recurve or compound bows is critical to making sure that the hunter gets the best possible shot. Since whitetails are primarily an archer’s meat hound, accuracy in hunting them is a crucial factor in his success.

Another important feature in Mathew’s bows is their draw cycle. Because of their specialized construction, Mathews specializes in producing bows with superb draw cycles that ensure a firm and accurate release during a successful hunt. this can be tuned to the specific harmonic after proving ground with the extended position

The company produces bows with knobs that are extremely effective at preventing “draw weight” from building up at the rear of the limbs during a cleanly executed draw. Draw weight causes stress and strain on the limbs and other parts of the bow and releases through a series of downswing and lifting actions. In addition to a long draw cycle, a short draw cycle produces a more accurate shooting form.

Used Mathews Bows and New Mathew Bows

For big-game hunters, Mathews also manufactures a large variety of crossbows. These bows utilize a two-piece construction and do not attach to a forearm or a stabilizer. Instead, the draw weight is mounted on the back of the limbs and released through a single set of swinging limbs.

Crossbows are often used as stand-alone weapons or for hunting as a group of individuals. Crossbows are an excellent choice for any hunter looking for the most effective bows for hunting.

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