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Hoyt bow. 28.5/60lbs



Hoyt bow

hoyt bow
hoyt compound bow
hoyt recurve bow
hoyt bow for sale online
hoyt recurve bow for sale

The draw length is 28.5′ and draw weight is adjustable from 50-60 lbs.

Limbs are XT500 Pro Series using Cam and 1/2 technology marked Z 3.5 RB 65%.

No nicks no scratches. The riser is finished in Red Anodized with a light sheen.

Comes with a nice drop rest

Hoyt bows and crossbows are some of the most popular on the market today. Their popularity can be attributed to their ergonomic design, the way the limbs are designed to flex naturally while releasing the weight equally at the end of the draw. Another attribute that contributes to their popularity is the fact that they produce an amazing amount of accuracy. When shooting a compound bow with a regular curve or a bow with an extended handle, accuracy is not usually an issue, but if you are using a very longbow, such as a Hoyt Super XLS, accuracy becomes a significant issue. For this reason, many longbow purchasers prefer to purchase a Hoyt recurve bow or a Hoyt bow for sale online.

One of the most popular bows offered by Hoyt is the Hoyt PSE 34. This model is among the oldest and most trusted brands of compound bows. Recently, however, the company has made some minor changes to the PSE 34 to improve its accuracy and to make other changes to increase its stability.

The first major change to the PSE 34 is the seat height. Previous models had legs that were much shorter than the recommended sitting height of fifteen inches. The new model boasts a sit-time that is two inches longer than recommended, allowing for a much sturdier grip. This upgrade improves stability and accuracy. The company claims the seat of the PSE is made using a diamond-plate process, which is supposed to improve resistance to vibration and increase accuracy.

The second major improvement to the Hoyt PSE 34 is the weight of the bows. The old model was much heavier than the competing brands, which could cause difficulty when shooting. The defiant to 34 now weighs eighty-three pounds, which is fifteen pounds lighter than its predecessors. While the loss of weight may not seem like a huge amount, it can make a huge difference in the feel of the bow.

Hoyt has also combined its V-Bar with her stats on its new bows. These allow the draw weight to be adjusted in line with an individual archer’s strength. This allows many people to draw the bow in a very comfortable manner. In addition, the V-Bar and A-Bar should reduce felt tension, improve release, and prevent slippage. Most other bow companies combined these two features, but the defiant pro series is the only one to do so.

The last major feature to the defiant PSE series is the material used to construct its limbs. Traditional bows use graphite or light carbon to produce draws. The new Hoyt bow feature carbon fiber as the main material in both the A-Bar and V-Bar. Carbon fiber is much stronger and is actually four times as strong as carbon steel. This means that this brand of archery equipment is built to last, even through long hours of use.

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