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Garmin Xero x1i scope


Garmin Xero x1i scope


garmin xero x1i crossbow scope for sale – range game

The Xero X1i crossbow scope is a cutting-edge optic that provides near-instant range readings, calibrates dead-on aiming points out to 80 yards, and includes visual indicators to aid in accuracy.

The Garmin Xero X1i is the world’s first cross bow scope with an integrated laser rangefinder, allowing shooters to shoulder the crossbow, identify the target through the scope, and obtain range(range finding) information with the press of a button. After acquiring the range, the sight instantaneously calculates the bolt trajectory and illuminates a single aiming point for dead-on accuracy at any distance up to 80 yards. The ultimate result is a straightforward, one-button operation for shooters who can complete the shot process in three simple steps: range, aim, and shoot.

Aside from ranging, the XeroX1i includes a number of features designed to help shooters make the most accurate shots possible, such as a digital bubble level to help avoid tilting the bow left or right, Steady Aim technology that lets you know how well you are holding on target, and a Flight Apex indicator that shows the highest point your bolt will reach between the bow and the target, assisting you in avoiding tree limbs and other potential obstacles in the field.

During range testing using a TenPoint Vapor RS470 crossbow, we discovered the XeroX1i to be exceedingly simple to set up and operate, as well as incredibly accurate. TenPoint introduced the unique Vapor RS470 Xeroedition as a factory option with the new scope as part of the new product introduction.

He said that the collaboration with Garmin “takes our commitment to making crossbows that are the most accurate in the world to a new level of technological achievement.”

After TenPoint made the XeroX1 an option, Garmini is also selling the new sight as an add-on for other crossbows at dealers across the United States.

garmin xero x1i crossbow scope

“Garmin is delighted to have pioneered the greatest crossbowaiming solution available today,” stated Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide consumer sales at Garmin tracking device


“The Xero X1 isn’t a step forward; it’s a quantum leap forward for crossbowhunters who want the most from their hunting systems.”

Let’s take a deeper look at the XeroX1i and the various ways it can help you become a better shooter on the range as well as a more effective hunter in the field.

Installing and configuring the Garmin Xero X1i

The garmin Xero X1i has an aluminum housing with a silent, rubberized coating. The item is waterproof to IPX7 standards and offers quality, fully multicoated, nitrogen-filled optics with a fixed 3.5X magnification.

The integrated laser rangefinder can range deer-size animals up to 250 yards and reflect targets up to 500 yards with a tenth-of-a-yard precision. The device weighs 30 ounces and is 6.2 inches long, 3.7 inches high, and 2.6 inches wide. It is powered by two AAA lithium batteries (included). Garminsays have a lifespan of up to a year.

The sight is designed to attach to any Picatinny or Weaver rail and is readily installed with the help of two provided screws. The scope is designed for approximately 2.44 inches of eye relief and should be positioned so that it provides a complete and clear field of view when your cheek is pressed against the crossbow scope stock in the aiming position. The focus is easily altered by twisting an adjustment ring around the eyepiece.

The XeroX1i comes with a remote ranging trigger that fits into the scope and is designed to be positioned for use while your hand is near the crossbow trigger. This is in addition to the huge ranging button located on top of the scope, power and menu navigation buttons on the side. The included mounting gear makes this process simple for both right-handed and left-handed shooters, as well as a variety of stock designs.

Once you’ve put the scope and remote trigger on your crossbow, you’re ready to head to the range and do the initial sight calibration. The  garmin Xero X1 is very good at this, because the sight literally walks shooters through the first calibration process with on-screen instructions that can be seen by looking through the scope.

Calibration begins with dialing in your zero at 20 yards by taking a test shot and then adjusting the scope’s windage and elevation knobs as you would with any riflescope.

Once you’ve hit the bull’s-eye at 20 yards, you have two options for finishing the calibration. The first step is to enter your crossbow’s bolt speed, if it is known. This can be accomplished by either utilizing the manufacturer’s recommended speed or by shooting through a chronograph to determine your actual bolt speed.

If the bolt speed is known, the XeroX1i can automatically compute the bolt trajectory and provide an accurate aiming point for any shot of 80 yards or fewer. The XeroX1i can shoot bolts at up to 650 fps, which is a lot faster than even the fastest crossbows on the market today).

If you aren’t sure what your bolt speed is, you may easily calibrate it by dialing in at a second distance of 50 yards using the elevation dial on the scope.

Once the sight has been calibrated at 20 and 50 yards, it can use that data to figure out how fast and where the bolt will go, giving you precise aiming points for all distances up to 80 yards.

From previous testing for our configuration, we knew the bolt speed on our Vapor RS470 was 430 fps with TenPoint’s provided 462-grain bolts. So we simply typed in the value and were good to go.

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that the XeroX1i can shoot at distances greater than 80 yards.

However, after the age of 80, the scope will not automatically calibrate aiming locations. Long-range shooting means that you have to set up each one by hand and save them in the scope’s memory for future use.

built in laser (range finder) – automatically adjusts

Shooting a crossbow with a XeroX1i fitted is almost too simple to believe once calibrated. To put it another way, it took us a while to genuinely believe that the scope does what it is supposed to do, which is to allow you to physically walk to any unknown range within 80 yards, press the ranging button, utilize the supplied aiming point, and hit the bull’s-eye.

But that’s exactly what we did, over and over. During testing, it was noticeable when any shot missed the target by more than a few inches—anomalies we chalked up to our deficiencies as marksmen rather than any failure of the scope or crossbow.

In the end, we learned not to argue with the math that was used to make any calculations inside the scope.

Simply aim, press the range button, and shoot; the scope will handle the rest.

When gazing through the scope, just push and hold the ranging button on top of the scope or the remote ranging trigger to range your target. This activates a crosshair that you set on the target and hold in place until the scope indicates “Target Locked.

” Simply release the button, and the scope will display the line-of-sight range, as well as the angle-compensated, or “shoot-for” range, the shot angle, and an aiming point to employ. From a simple dot or crosshair to a wide range of other options, you can choose the best way to aim.

It’s also worth mentioning that, if you wish, you can switch to “fixed-pin” firing mode with a brief squeeze of the ranging trigger. In fixed-pin mode, the display will provide numerous aiming locations for pre-determined yardages that you can customize. For example, if you want the top dot to be set at 25 yards and the lower dots to be set at 40, 50, and 60 yards, you can do so via the menu system.

You can also change the color of the scope’s internal display, and you aren’t limited to the traditional green or red possibilities. If you want yellow, blue, purple, orange, or another color, the XeroX1i can accommodate you. The scope will also change the brightness of the internal display to match the light in the room, or you can change it yourself if you want.

It’s one thing to fire on the range under controlled conditions with a stable shooting rest. But it’s in the field where the XeroX1 really shines, because photography is generally done from unknown distances, uncomfortable positions, and in unpredictable surroundings.

Although the remote ranging trigger is useful on the range, it is significantly preferable in a bowhunting situation since it allows you to monitor your target through the scope and repeatedly range the animal (deer, elk, turkey, etc.) with virtually no movement. When the animal comes to a stop and it’s time to shoot, just let go of the ranging trigger and use the aiming point on the screen to find the vitals.

The built-in digital level at the bottom of the display and the Steady Aim indicator are two further features we thought were ideal for bowhunters. As shown in the accompanying photo, the level provides a quick visual reference of whether your crossbow is tilting to one side or the other, letting you keep your limbs level while aiming for optimal accuracy. Even better, you can monitor the level without ever taking your gaze away from your target animal.

Meanwhile, Steady Aim uses circles that appear around your aiming position to indicate whether you have buck fever. A wider circle indicates that you are shaky. A smaller circle indicates that you are shaky.

When there is no circle, it means that you are still on target and can press the trigger and punch your tag. This gives you the go-ahead to do this.

Finally, Garmin refers to this function as “Flight Apex,” a line above the aiming points that serves as a visual reference to the top of the flight path of your bolt as it travels from your crossbow to the target.

If you’ve ever had an animal in your scope but wondered if an overhanging limb between you and your target might deflect your bolt, you’ll appreciate how handy this function can be. Simply check to see if there are any potential obstacles above or below the line. Your shot is clear if they are above the line.

Advanced Options – compatible Garmin device

The XeroX1i also includes a number of extra functions that significantly enhance the scope’s functionality. The most prominent is Laser Locate, which estimates the exact location of your target at the time of the shot based on the known range and built-in digital compass. This data can then be sent to a compatible Garmin GPS unit or smartwatch so that you can start tracking your prize or find your bolt.

Another useful feature is the capability of storing several bolt profiles within the scope.

Assume you use one type of bolt for deer hunting but a different, heavier bolt for moose or an approaching hazardous game hunt in Africa. This means that you can calibrate the scope with both bolts and then switch between the two with the push of a button. You don’t have to make any actual sight adjustments.

The garmin xero x1i crossbow scope also includes a shot counter to assist you in monitoring string life on your crossbow and tracking predefined intervals between periodic maintenance. The scope even measures impulse length on each shot to display the relative amount of vibration experienced by the scope as well as the degree of roll experienced by the crossbow throughout the shot. Use both of these pieces of data to keep an eye on how consistent you are when you shoot. This will help you improve your accuracy over time.

The Final Word-Garmin xero x1i crossbow scope for sale

Garmin Xero X1i crossbow scope is an incredible piece of equipment and, without a question, the most advanced cross bow scope we have ever examined. It’s difficult to conceive of a bowhunting situation where the Xero wouldn’t provide a significant advantage over a standard Garmin Xero x1i scope.

There’s a lot to enjoy here, from the ability to do quiet and silent ranging to the confidence of having spot-on aiming at any realistic hunting range.

As you might expect for a product of this caliber, the garmin xero x1i crossbow scope is not inexpensive. The suggested retail price for the Garmin Vapor RS470 crossbow package is $750, while the price for the TenPoint Vapor RS470 crossbow package is $750. Although it is not in everyone’s budget, those who do add one to their arsenal will undoubtedly receive the performance they have paid for.

One final point to mention is legality. The use of bow-mounted electronic devices is subject to a wide range of state rules. So, before you run out and add the Garmin Xero X1i to your crossbow, double-check that it is legal where and how you intend to use it.


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