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garmin astro 220


Garmin Astro 220 – used Garmin Astro 220 for sale

Garmin Astro 220

This is a used Garmin Astro 220 Tracking Handheld.  collars are included in this sale. Comes with an Outdoor Dog Supply 60 day warranty.

the charger is included. It works with the Garmin DC20 collars, DC30 collars, and DC40 collars. Astro 220’s do not work with the Garmin DC50 Collar. Astro 220 handhelds are not compatible with Garmin Huntview or Huntview Plus maps, or Garmin Birdseye mapping.

Are you tired of hunting for your lost dog in thick cover or tall grass? Now you could leave the tedious hunting all to him with this innovative GPS-based dog tracking system. Astro is the premier portable high sensitivity GPS dog tracking system ideal for hunting dogs.

Top-Line Handheld Outdoor Devices – Garmin Astro 220 Update

This unique system quickly pinpoints your dog’s location and displays you where he is, even if you cannot see or touch him. The built-in antenna is powered by a reliable internal battery that charges automatically to keep it ready at all times. The system comes with a removable surface mount antenna that is designed to be easily removed for cleaning. The handheld console provides the ability to track your pet from up to six meters; it has an easy-to-read display and provides detailed information about distance, speed, and direction. The device is also equipped with a hands-free microphone that will allow you to communicate verbally with your dog while his collar is fitted to his head, thus protecting your dog from any potential harm.


Garmin Astro 220 updates and upgrades are carried out automatically without any manual assistance from the owner. You get real-time GPS map updates that help you locate your lost dog. The system has a unique voice recognition technology that allows you to call your pet. The voice recognition technology has been tested extensively and is trusted by dog owners. It works on all Garmin handheld units including the Garmin Astro S, Garmin Astro A, Garmin Astro P, and Garmin Astro C. The handheld unit has a high-intensity Bluetooth connection for making hands-free communication possible.


Garmin Astro 220 has all the features of other Garmin handheld GPS devices. The main selling point of this GPS dog tracking device is the high accuracy of location reporting. In addition, this device can be used outdoors and indoors as well; it can be used to track your dog’s activities both indoors and outdoors. The device’s outdoor sensitivity is great for tracking a puppy or an aging dog.


The detailed GPS map updates and detailed voice alerts when your dog goes astray help locate your pet. The device comes with a carrying case and a charging cable for fast charging. The handheld device can be used to track two different dogs with two separate GPS transmitters. You can store three different profiles on one device and can transfer them to another handheld device to share your dog tracking system between the two devices. This is an ideal system if you have more than one dog as you do not need to purchase separate units for each dog.


The Garmin Astro 220 is a very versatile piece of GPS equipment that can be used for tracking both dogs and cats. It can be used indoors to track your pets and outdoors for hunting and hiking and can be used every five seconds or less depending on the distance covered. This GPS device has a very useful feature that allows you to track your outdoor movements via a barometric altimeter. This feature will alert you if the top-line handheld outdoor devices such as the Garmin Astro 220 fail to detect a marked landing spot when they sense low landing areas.

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