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* Suits medium to large working dogs and hunting dogs
* Waterproof (IPX 7)
* 2 hours fast charge
* Colour coded collar strap
* Location light with 4 interchangeable colors
* Nick, Constant, and a non-stimulating vibration stimulation
* 2 Year Warranty

Dogtra Pathfinder Remote Dog Training Collar

We are selling best dogtra edge additional pathfinder 1, 2, 1900ncp,  and 1900s dog training collar. User expandable dogtra training collar which means you can add extra collars to the system if you acquire more dogs (up to 4 dogs in total). LED location light is built in to every dogtra pathfinder collar which can be set to 4 different collars to match with the colour coded button on transmitter.

Dogtra Edge remote dog traineris


The Dogtra Edge remote dog traineris also powered by the new Lithium polymer batteries which can be fully charged in 2 hours. The complete system is waterproof with up to 1600 metres range and also features Dogtra “Nick” “Constant” “Page” stimulations as well as “Light” mode.

Nick is used to correct unwanted behaviour by emitting a single, rapid stimulation pulse

“Constant” is used for training reinforcement and delivers a continuous stimulation which can last up to a maximum of 12 seconds. The stimulation will automatically turn off after 12 seconds.

 “Pager” gives a vibration stimulation which is a great way of communicating with your dog. This is also beneficial with dogs that are hard of hearing.

“L” is the built in location light of every edge collar. The color of the light is programmable to match with the color of the button on transmitter.


Location light

The DogtraEdge dog training collarcan be programmed into four different light colors — white, orange, green and blue. These colors can be matched with the buttons on the handheld transmitter. When the color of light has been set up with the transmitter, the back light of the LCD screen on transmitter will match with the color as well. It means when the green button is pressed on the transmitter, the back light of LCD screen will light up in green and the green collar will flash in the same time. This makes it much easier to see which dog is receiving the correction. It is extremely helpful in dark.

Dogtra Edge remote dog traineris

The Location Light has 2 operation modes

3-Second Flashing Mode

Simply turn the mode select dial to “L” position and quickly press and release the dog button. The light will flash every 3 seconds. Quickly press and release the dog button again to turn it off.

Continuous Light Mode

Press the dog button and hold it down. The light flashes as long as the button is hold. The light will turn itself off when the lights have more than 12 seconds. Then release the button and press it again when longer than 12 seconds is needed.

Dogtra Edge remote dog traineris


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