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Garmin alpha 100 tt15 – Tracks Up to 20 Dogs

Garmin Alpha 100 bundle is one of the brand’s state of the art Garmin 100 tt15 handheld devices, suitable for owners of dogs, especially dog trainers. Our investigation has been done and we have looked at how this device suits you best, and now we are offering you with or without this  Alpha 100 tt15 handhelds review article.

Another helpful tool in this field combines the established capability of the Garmin brand to track these handheld devices with the usage of Tri-Tronics® training technology.

Alpha 100 Handhelds

This dog tracking device enables you, when combined with GarminTT 15 and 4 miles, to monitor and train your dogs on the field at a maximum range from 9 miles, to 2.5 seconds for updated locations.

Handheld multi-dog track and train equipment, also has a charge clip, an audible tone which can be regulated to medium and high, Birdseye satellite imagery

GLONASS integrated instrument for tracking and tracking dogs with better GPS capability.

The handheld multi-dog track-and-train gadget.

GLONASS integrated gadget for tracking and locating dogs with increased GPS capability.

Used Garmin Alpha 100 bundle Compatibility

The TT 15 collar strap unit and Alpha 100 Garmin will reveal your dog’s

  • position,
  • distance,
  • speed,
  • rescue mode
  • condition and distance within 9 miles.

Easy access to the training buttons enables you to communicate with each dog independent for safe and efficient training and correction.

Bundle also enables you to define virtual borders, so that you can remember them before they get there, when dogs are in locations where you will not want to enter.

used Garmin alpha 100 is one of the best dog training dog devices which is glove friendly with a rapid update rate. Garmin pay Garmin pros. contact customer service fro more information

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