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Garmin alpha 100 bundle

Which Is The Better Dog Tracking & Training Bundle?

garmin alpha 100 bundle

If you’re looking for a GPS tracking kit for your hunting dogs or a training collar with geofencing, a very popular option would be the Garmin Alpha 100 handheld GPS device paired with either a Garmin TT15 collar or a Garmin TT15 Mini collar. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the Alpha 100, the TT15, and the TT15 Mini to help you decide which bundle to get.

garmin alpha 100 bundle

Garmin Alpha 100 bundle Handheld

The Garmin Alpha 100 is a handheld GSP device that works with GPS dog collars to help hunters keep track of their hunting dogs and other hunters in the area. It has a robust and compact design made to withstand tough weather conditions while hunting. The Garmin Alpha 100 has a water-resistance rating of IPX7, which means it can be submerged in water up to one meter deep without getting damaged.

On the front of the device is a 3-inch LCD touch-screen display where you can view GPS maps, change settings, and more. The touch-screen is highly sensitive so you can use it even with gloves on. On top of the LCD screen are three buttons that control the shock on your dog collars, and further above are two wireless antennas that connect to the collars and to send/receive GPS signals. The power button is located on the right side of the device and a belt clip is fastened to the back of the device. The Garmin Alpha 100 is finished with a durable black rubber-like material and hunter orange plastic running along the edges of the device to give it that robust hunter look. 

With the Garmin Alpha 100, you can track up to 20 dogs and hunters at a time from up to 9 miles away. You can even track your dog’s speed and distance traveled with GSP updates every 2.5 seconds. And with TOPO U.S 100K maps built-in, you’ll always know what’s in your surroundings. If you want to go further and get a true representation of your surroundings, you can also purchase a subscription to Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for high-resolution and updated satellite imagery.

Not only does the Garmin Alpha 100 track your hunting dogs and help you navigate, but it also comes with dog training functions. You get up to 18 training levels of momentary and continuous stimulation with its Tri-Tronics electronic dog training technology. You can also use your Garmin Alpha 100 to set up virtual boundaries to prevent your dogs from entering dangerous areas.

The Garmin Alpha 100 packs a rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery that gives the handheld around 20 hours of battery life. If you want to extend the battery life, you can change the GPS update frequency from 2.5 seconds to up to two minutes. This will keep your Alpha 100 going for much longer. This power-saving setting automatically kicks in when the battery life drops below 25%.

Garmin TT15

The Garmin TT15 is packed with a high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver, Tri-Tronics training technology, and a battery that can last up to 40 hours

The Garmin TT15 is a canine tracking and training collar that works seamlessly with the Garmin Alpha 100. The collar can be tracked up to 9 miles away and has built-in Tri-Tronics electronic dog training technology with up to 18 different training levels. The collar also has tone and vibration features as well as a strobe light for locating your dog in low light. The Garmin TT15 is packed with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can keep the collar going for 20-40 hours, depending on GPS transmission frequency.

To protect the electronics on the collar, the Garmin TT15 is water-sealed with a rating of 1 ATM, which means it is completely waterproof up to ten meters deep. This gives you confidence that you can keep tracking your dogs even in harsh weather conditions. The Garmin TT15 consists of a shock module, a GPS module, and a long antenna the goes around your dog’s neck. Everything is attached to an adjustable collar made from durable materials. The collar on the TT15 has a minimum circumference of 9.5-inches. The collar can be replaced with most collars with a 1-inch width. The entire thing, including the collar, weighs around 10 oz.

garmin tracking device

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